WBCS is the exam conducted by the Public Service Commission of West Bengal. This is one of the top examinations in West Bengal. In this article, you will get detailed information about how to prepare for WBCS examination in 2021.

If you go through the last WBCS exam syllabus you will see the examination is divided into two stages. One is the Preliminary Exam another one is the Main Exam.

Based on the last WBCS exam the preliminary exam consists of the following subjects:

  1. English Composition 25 Marks
  2. General Science 25 Marks
  3. Current events of National & International Importance 25 Marks
  4. History of India 25 Marks
  5. Geography of India with special reference to West Bengal 25 Marks
  6. Indian Polity and Economy 25 Marks
  7. Indian National Movement 25 Marks
  8. General Mental Ability 25 Marks

The preliminary examination is likely a screening test. It will the commission to select the right candidates for the main examination. So it is very easy to understand that those who clear the prelim examination are eligible to appear in the main examination.

Get Prepared at least One Year before Examination

This is one of the toughest examinations. So after getting the idea of the subjects included in the preliminary exam you must get prepared at least one year before the examination.

See there are 8 subjects in the examination. So you have to spend at least 2 hours per subject per day. Out of that if you are weaker in any one of the subjects spent more time on this subject. 

You must do consistent study for one year for your success.

Next step for Prepare for WBCS examination is Make an Effective Study Plan

You must prepare an effective study plan. The study plan includes going through the previous year’s examination, reading specialized books on specialized subjects, read the newspaper regularly for the current affair.

You may practice mock test papers available on the internet.

For better preparation, you may get admission to any coaching center. But remember that those coaching centers are very expensive nowadays.

If you really think to prepare yourself without coaching then find the best books for the preliminary examination.

Read at least the last 10 years’ question paper. 

Also getting the full syllabus details will definitely help you. 

From the competition aspect, this is one of the toughest examinations. The success ratio is very low also. So it is advisable that apart from the WBCS examination also get prepared for other examination. 

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NCERT Books 

NCERT books is the best books for the WBCS examination. 

The books are many unique qualities. They are easy to read, they are covering most of the subjects and lots more. The candidate should prepared separate notes based on these books.

The candidate should answer the question mention in the NCERT books.

Previous Year Question Paper

Previous year question papers are immensely helpful for the candidates. This question paper gives a clear view to the candidate about how tough it is and where to put more importance. 

The candidate should solve the previous year’s question paper as a mock test in a timely manner. It will help them to test their knowledge and teach them time management in the examination hall.

It will also help the candidate to give insights into the important topics. So that candidate can give more importance to the subjects accordingly.

Current Affairs

Current Affair is one of the important subjects in the examination. The best source of current affairs is the newspaper. The candidate should cover international as well as national news.

They can also read competitive exam magazines, employment news, or any other local newspaper for getting updates.

The Internet also provides huge information. They can follow Google News, Yahoo News, Bing News for this purpose. 

The candidate starts a separate notebook where he/she can write down the important events. The current affair syllabus is vast. 

English Composition

The English composition subject has 25 marks. It includes a basic test of grammar and composition. 

There is a multiple-choice question. 

So it is very important that the candidate has good knowledge of English grammar. 

There are many online mock tests available. Go to these sites and test your knowledge.

But reading the basic grammar books is very necessary.

General Science

General science syllabus includes physic, chemistry, biology subjects. It will cover the subject based on general appreciation, the basic understanding of science, matter involving in everyday life. The syllabus mainly focuses on a basic understanding of science.


Revision takes an important role. Time to time revision will help the candidate to remember the facts and analysis. The WBCS is vast enough…so revision is compulsory.

Candidates should include a revision in their study plan. If they spent a whole day in a week for revision that will be great. 

After passing the preliminary exam the candidate will appear in the main exam. After that, they will offer the following subjects.

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Services Offered by WBCS

The preliminary examination is divided into groups – A, B, C, D. 

The Group A posts are as follow:

  1. West Bengal Civil Service Executive
  2. Assistant Commissioner of Revenue in the integrated West Bengal Revenue Service
  3. West Bengal Co-operative Service
  4. West Bengal Labour Service
  5. West Bengal Food and Supplies Service
  6. West Bengal Employment Service

The Group B post is:

  1. West Bengal Police Service

The Group C posts are as follow:

  1. Superintendent, District Correctional Home / Deputy Superintendent, Central Correctional Home
  2. Joint Block Development Officer
  3. Deputy Assistant Director of Consumer Affairs and Fair Business Practices
  4. West Bengal Junior Social Welfare Service
  5. West Bengal Subordinate Land Revenue Service, Grade-I
  6. Assistant Commercial Tax Officer
  7. Joint Registrar (West Bengal State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission under the Consumer Affairs Department, Government of West Bengal) 
  8. Assistant Canal Revenue Officer (Irrigation)
  9. Chief Controller of Correctional Services

The Group D posts are as follow:

  1. Inspector of Co-operative Societies
  2. Panchayat Development Officer under the Panchayat and Rural Development Department
  3. Rehabilitation Officer under the Refugee Relief and Rehabilitation Department

Conclusion: No doubt WBCS is a tough examination among all other examinations conducted by the Public Service Commission of West Bengal but it is not impossible to pass this exam. Proper planning, dedication, and regularity bring success to this exam. So don’t get scared just start preparation from TODAY.