MarketingBlocks Review 2022

MarketingBlocks Review 2022: When we start talking about marketing automation tools, the name MarketingBlocks comes first. Here in this article, I share my honest opinion about MarketingBlocks.

Now in a nutshell Marketing Block is an AI-Based Power App. It helps to create Landing Pages, Ads, Marketing Copy, Graphics, Email Swipes, Promo Videos, Logos, Voiceovers, etc In Less Than 45 Seconds.

Marketing block claims that it is the best alternative tool for click funnels, CanvaPro, VideoApps, or even if you don’t need to hire expensive freelancers.

How does MarketingBlocks work?

After purchasing their plan (details of the plan offer will be discussed below) you just create your account properly.

Then put your product name and description. Then choose the type of business asset you need. Then choose the assets like landing pages, marketing copy, promotional videos, logos, social media ads, graphics, email swipes, or even voiceover.

They claim that they generate 100% original assets.

Let’s see the detailed video about how it works…

MarketingBlocks Demo from Ifiok Nkem on Vimeo.

They offer the following assets, like a high converting landing page. This landing page consists of pre-built content and you have customized the content and image to fit your industry.

They also have stunning promotional videos in different shapes and sizes. They have story videos also which can help you go viral on every social media platform.

They also demand that they have highly converting ad copy on Google, Facebook, and even Linkedin also.

Marketing blocks help you to create a stunning design for your brand even if you have no design skills. With the help of this, you can ease create a stunning banner, logos, social media graphics, and letters head also.

Even they also offer unlimited access to millions of stock images and videos at no extra cost.

MarketingBlocks Review: Pros and Cons

If you are planning to buy Marketing Blocks then you must know the pros and cons.

  • It is cost-effective. If you get all these tools in a single window and only for $47.
  • They have 8 extremely useful tools which can help you make a stunning online appearance of your business.
  • If you are a freelancer then you may sell your services by depending on this tool.
  • They are offering a FREE commercial license with this launch offer.
  • You will get training from them twice weekly.
  • You can learn all the tools by watching Marketing Block Academy.
  • FREE One-On-One Live Zoom Customer Success Consultation.
  • You will get FREE unlimited access to SFO Webinar Replay Vault. Which is normally charged $497.
  • A 30-day money-back policy is also included with the launch offer.
  • By using code ‘MB20’ you will get the commercial license for $47. This is only valid for this launch for a limited period.
  • I could not find any cons for this product.

Why should you buy MarketingBlocks?

This is an AI-based marketing automation tool that can help you create marketing materials, help to promote your marketing materials, stop your search for a freelancer, and so on.

IT reduces the time to create marketing assets as well as it will drastically decrease the cost of creating marketing materials.

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How do Marketing Blocks save the cost?

Assume you need a high converting landing page. So if you search for a suitable freelancer on a top-rated freelancer site then you will find it takes around $1000 and at least 1 week to complete.

But if you use Marketing Blocks then it takes a few hours to complete and get the desired landing page.

After that, if you want to create a compelling ad copy so you have to spend at least $200 for this. Not only that you have to wait 3 days to get this copy.

But in Marketing Blocks you just select your preferred industry type and get a perfect ad copy within an hour.

If you are new to design even if you don’t make a design in your life but still want some branding kits then Marketing blocks are the best options. If you go to any freelance market place hire someone for this then he or she will charge at least $800 for this and take a minimum of 1 week to complete all branding kits.

Similarly, you even save your money for getting an eye-catching logo, stunning graphics, exciting print graphics, promotional videos, stock images and videos, mesmerizing voiceovers, high converting email swipes, and so on.

A comparative analysis said you even save up to $10,000 by using this simple AI-driven tool.

My Suggestion:

My suggestion is that you should buy their ‘commercial license’. If you think this product is not for you or has not served the purpose then return the product and apply for a money-back policy.

How to login into Marketingblocks?

Just go to their official website (Link:

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