How many hours a graphic designer works & how graphic designer hours can be reduced are common questions among clients, employers, and colleagues. Everybody is curious about how many hours it will take to make this design. 

Now if the question comes from the client, their intention is that they want to estimate how many hours the designer spent to create this kind of graphics? Whether it is a unique piece of art or a copy of something? All these types of questions arise at the time of delivery of work, especially on the final payments.

Employers are also willing to know the hours. So that they can calculate the profit margin of the products. Simultaneously they will assign more stuff to the designer. 

Assuming a graphic designer creates a banner for 2 hours approx. So the client and employer easily estimate that a banner creation time is only 2 hours and they assign another 3 banners to work simultaneously.

But is it a real thing?

No, design time depends on the matters of the design, the creative ability of the designer, internet speed, machine speed, software running process and so many other things. 

Design is a creative work. Design is all about passion. You never estimate that one design takes 2 hours, similarly, the same kind of design takes the same time. 

This is not a mathematical calculation. 

If any client or employer believes this process then it is clearly stated that they don’t want quality work rather they want quick work which is good for their profit.

Now if you get a quick design and your client will be satisfied then is it good for your business? 

From my practical experience if you give work pressure to a designer then he or she must copy the things from the internet and deliver it accordingly. But if your client finds the same kind of design available on the internet then will want your money back.

This is not expected from any business point of view.

So if you are a project manager, employers have the basic responsibilities laid on you to convince your client about the design hours. If the design takes 1 hour to complete that’s ok and if it is taking 4 hours to complete then they should agree with it and pay accordingly. 

In that case, you may use ‘time tracker software’ which can give you a transparent result about how much time is taken by a graphic designer.

As a graphic designer, if you have no boundaries about the time then this is your responsibility to produce the best output. 

Now, this article is for graphic designers not for any employer or clients.

I will guide you how graphic designer hours can be reduced by using some tips and tricks.

As I mentioned before about internet speed, software performance does not depend on you. 

A good internet speed or licenses version of the software is a prior responsibility for the employer. If you working as an individual freelancer then no doubt it is your responsibility.

But in spite of reading this article if you face time stipulation for your design then here are some ways.

How Logo Design hours can be reduces ?

If you are assigned to create a logo for a brand and you have been assigned for 2 hours only then take the help of the internet. There are lots of websites from where you can create or generate a logo. Here are the lists of some of them:

Create a logo and take inspiration from them. Then create it on your own. 

I hope after generating the logo from the above links, things become easier for you.

You will get varieties of options. 

Just mix and match with any 2 or 3 options and create your own.

This way you can create a unique logo within 2 hours…I hope.

How designer spend less time in Banner Design ?

Similarly, if you are assigned to create a banner within 1 hour, follow the same process as described in the above points. Here are the lists of banner maker websites:

Apply the same techniques and create your banner within an hour.

How you can quickly make a Web Design?

Now coming to the main thing. When you assign to create a complete website then you can follow the steps:

  • First of all, search on Google. Assume you are assigned to create a travel website design. Search on Google with ‘travel website templates’. Go to the image tab and see there are lots of examples available on the internet.
  • If you already have a logo for this business then your task becomes easier. Choose a good layout of a travel website or theme. Copy this theme layout and based on the existing logo color make your own. 

The more examples you see the more ideas are coming to your mind. 

Then the actual delivery depends on you. But at least you must include some of your creative talents to fulfill the design layout. 

The above-mentioned steps are the shortcut way for how a graphic designer’s hours can be reduced. 

But if you believe in genuine work and if your boss assigns standard hours for this work then you may follow these steps.

Analysis the Project Requirements

Assuming you are assigned a project to create mock-ups for a travel website. Now brainstorm with this niche.

Think about what kind of things you are looking for. 

First of all, you want to know the place. Then you want to know what is the best time to visit this place, the mode of transportation, hotel or accommodation cost, etc.

So if you Google with your query (not search for travel theme examples) and see what big travel sites are doing. 

What sections or features are commonly present in their website. What is their website flow, what kind of offers do they provide to their clients?

Based on this research make a wireframe and approve this from your client. So that you are sure that these elements should reflect in your design.

Create Your Unique Design

Based on the wire frame create your own, unique artwork.

In this article which is based on graphic designer hours can be reduced you can see two methods. One is to quickly create the design and the second one is detail-oriented design.

If your quick design gets approved then don’t get too happy. If you have the creativity and if you follow the second method which is more time-consuming then you will surely succeed.

As you all know, “quick success does not stay long”.    

So it may be your day-to-day life matter, the matter related to your daily bread and butter so that you use the quick techniques but for the long run working with all the details can sustain your career.

At last, the choice is YOURS.

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