Graphic Design is my Passion : The truth behind it

Graphic design is one of the best career options in creative fields. So a common phrase among the designers is ‘Graphic design is my passion.’ But is it so? In this article, I will explain the title, and after that, you will justify whether it is just a phrase or you like graphic design the most.

Many people come to the graphic design field for various purposes. But the main purpose is that they think graphic design is very easy to learn and can earn money quickly.

But listen carefully; graphic design is not what many people think. First of all, you should judge yourself whether you like creative aspects of this field, or you will come in this to earn money and only for money purposes. 

Just think about your childhood days and remember did you do any creative activities. Like making shapes with building blocks, paint on the walls, or making models by using paper. Also, remember did you learn drawing at a young age? How good are you in those days?

Now coming to the present perspective, if you are a science graduate or commerce graduate and after completing the graduation when you are not getting any suitable jobs, then you join a graphic design course for quick success.

After that many institutes offer ‘job guarantee assurance’. So that you will get the jobs accordingly & start a career in graphic design, but from one point of view, you will get a graphic design job, but from another point of view if you have no passion for graphic design, you will not get success in the jobs in the long run.

So as a graphics designer, you may say that ‘Graphic design is my passion,’ but you are the best person to judge this statement whether it is correct or not.

Let’s assume you are a graphic designer and you have spent 2-3 years in this field. But do you confirm that without the help of an example, you never create a single piece of design? 

As I know that many companies interview the candidates and put them in a machine test without any internet connection. So, in that case, if you have no creativity and you follow the examples available on the internet. 

Assume you are fortunate that some of your designs would be selected by the clients, then it does not mean that the phrase ‘graphic design is my passion’ is for you.

Designing is like creativity, and if you don’t have this, you will not be sustained in this career as a copycat. No doubt at the beginning, we will learn tools, techniques, we will follow many great websites for design inspiration, but in the end, creativity is the last word.

How do you know that ‘graphic design is my passion’ or not?

Passion: Think how passionate you are about your graphic design. How much time do you spend creating a graphic design? If you are a copycat, you just found a good example from the internet and do the same thing and at the time of delivery, make some minor edits on your graphic design. This is not a passion. 

If you think and create a unique design, you must spend lots of time. I know in the professional field, time is a matter. If you are a working professional, then you may assign four pieces of design for a day, but it is undoubtedly said that time is very limited for each of them. 

But believe me or not, if you create a unique one and if clients like this, they may allow you some more bucks, and in addition, you will get some tips for this outstanding effort. 

When I worked as a graphic designer, I thought about design when I came back home, and I tried to improve this one. The next day I showed this updated version to my team leader. 

So thinking and practicing design is the best way to increase your creative talent. If you are only working as a graphic designer in the office and after returning home you will spend the time with some other sorts of things, without practicing the design, then it is very hard to achieve the desired success. 

Color Sense: Color takes an important part in the design. So a good color sense is a plus in your graphic design career. 

Most people are afraid to experiment with colors. They follow the traditional color guidelines. 

At the time of graphic design, they follow the base color. If you are creating a website banner, you follow the logo color or body color of a website. They never step out from the traditional color theory. 

If you have a good color sense and love experiments, you may use various colors. 

As an example, we all know that the Rose is red. It is the common color, and this color conception is fixed in our minds. So if you are asked to create a picture of a rose, you must create it with red colors. But Rose can be available in black color and they also look very good. 

If you like graphic design, you should have color sense, no doubt. You may learn color theory or use any color wheels available on the internet.

Typography: Typography or fonts. Whatever the graphics you make, you should use some fonts. So selecting the right font is an important aspect. Fonts are categorized into various types, like –

  • Serif
  • Sans Serif
  • Slab Serif
  • Script
  • Decorative

Depending on the type of graphic, you are selecting the fonts. 

Like if you want to create a banner for a boutique website, then you need script fonts. When creating a consultant business website, you may use straight fonts like serif or sans serif fonts. 

So good graphics are a combination of color and typography also. 

Image Selection: A good image tells many words. When you are designing graphic elements, selecting a relevant image means a lot. 

The image should be clear, attractive and it should perfectly blend with the color and graphics used in this section. In one word, it is a complete package. 

How can you increase your creativity?

If you are a graphic designer and have lots of passion for graphic design, you have to increase and exercise your creative talent. There are lots of resources available on the Internet. 

Here are some easy steps you can follow for this:

Search the internet: Many websites have varieties of a good number of graphics, like 

You can also browse the stock image website. If you are in Shutterstock and search for a ‘web banner,’ you will see many attractive web banners. 

Similarly, if you search on Google with the same search term, you will see quality web banners. Many graphics creation websites have lots of free samples of the design, like canva.

Read the design blog: You must update yourself with the latest change in the design field. You must follow blogs related to graphic design, like 

Participate in the competitions: You may be a good graphic designer in your organization, and your co-workers and clients praise your work. 

But if you participate in an open design contest, you can know how good you are in your field. Here are lists of sites that offer design competitions or work: 

See the Magazines or Newspapers: Don’t ignore this media. Everyday newspapers and magazines produce various types of graphics in the form of advertisements. 

If you see these graphics in newspapers and magazines, it must help you increase your design ability. If you are in a desktop design field that means you are creating letterhead, vinyl flex, visiting cards, this kind of example surely helps you a lot.

Conclusion: Graphic design is my passion and it is very easy to tell others, but you know the exact fact. So without telling or using this phrase, prove this phrase by your work. Then the whole world will say gradually Graphic design is HIS passion.

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