Ultimate Guide for Graphic Design Internships in 2021

If you want to establish your career in ‘Graphic Design’ then a graphic design internships is the best option. In this article, I will share with you some benefits of being an intern in a graphic design internships.

What is the meaning of intern? Intern means trainee. According to Wikipedia internships define as “An internship is a period of work experience offered by an organization for a limited period of time.”

In the field of graphic design, an internships means the training period for a newbie graphic designer.

Now the question arises why you should join an internships?

You may be done lots of courses for graphic design. You may have a fair knowledge of graphic design. But still, it is important to spend few months as an intern in graphic design.

This is the perfect test of your knowledge as well as you will learn a professional approach to graphic design. 

Designing is a sense which is emerged from your soul. But blending your design into a professional outlook is obvious from the present perspective. 

You may learn lots of techniques or tips from your institute. But do you ever think, those who teach you the design do they have professional experience? Being a teacher in design and being a professional in design both are different.

Being a teacher in design doesn’t have professional knowledge or approach in design, in most of the cases. But a professional designer has lots of approaches that can help an intern to build up his/her skill for professional jobs.

How to choose the best internship for graphic design?

If you search on the web ‘internships of graphic design’ there are lots of websites that offer an internships. But the question arises of how you can select the best one.

My advice is that go through the internships details. The companies are not charitable institutions. They are not offering an internships to helping others. The reason behind internships they train a candidate and at last, they will acquire the candidate as a staff.

If any company wants money against an internships never goes for it. Because in this present scenario you are spending almost all office time for this internships and they will assign various design-related tasks to yours. After all of that if you still paying for this is it worth it? Ask yourself.

The main reason for internships providing quality output to the organization side by learning lots of new things.

The next point is that check organization status. Whether it is a big size organization or not. What is the strength of the design department? That means how many people are working there. How old this organization is? What are the terms for your internships?

In most cases, you will attend the office on regular basis. You have to stay in total office timing. It is a good practice for you to become a whole-time employee.

But also be cautious about the learning process. See what type of assignments are allocated to you. If you are allocating the same kind of assignment day after day and you will not learn new things then leave this internships. Continuous learning is a primary key for internships.

If you are getting various types of assignments like logo design, banner design, brochure design, web design then it will beneficial to you. Also, see how much attention your seniors are. Are they seriously helpful? Are they properly describe the assignments before starting the jobs. If you feel any difficulties are they helping you with a smiling face.

If you join an internships in any big organization and if you become a part of a team then this will good for you. Many big sizes web development companies offer courses. They will acquire students from their institute. No doubt it is beneficial for them. But this article is for students not for any company.

So as an intern learning is the last thing.

After completion, of course, 6 months to a one-year internships is very much necessary. Because you will learn the professional approach of graphic design.

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How much do graphic design interns get paid?

This is depending on the companies. Some of them only provide traveling allowances, some of them providing half of the regular salary. 

In Tier-1 countries like the USA, a graphic design intern gets $44,500 in a year. In India, a graphic design intern gets Rs.1,20,000/- for every year.

What are the responsibilities of a graphic design intern?

The basic responsibilities for a graphic design intern are:

  • Planning for a design depending on the requirements.
  • Illustrate a design concept mentioning perfectly the requirements.
  • Deliver the requirement with some fine touch.
  • In some cases creating social media posts.
  • Creating a promotional video.
  • Collaborating with a team to develop and maintain a visual standard.

What are the requirements for a graphic design intern?

The requirements are:

  • Bachelor’s degree in graphic design or any other graduation certificate.
  • Experience in the graphic design field.
  • A laptop or desktop.
  • Fair knowledge about other essential software.

What are the benefits of this internships?

  • After completion, get a certificate.
  • In some cases, they will provide you a letter of recommendation.
  • Some companies offer flexible work hours.
  • Depending on your performance they will offer a job.

What are the software requirements for gr?

Prior knowledge is necessary for internships:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Video Editing
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Video Making

How to become a graphic design intern?

  1. Complete the Bachelor’s degree
  2. Learn graphic design from any institute or buy online courses.
  3. Select a favorable company for a graphic design intern.
  4. Apply for this.

Where to find graphic design internships?

There are lots of website published internships advertisements. Here is the list for some of them:

  • Naukri.com
  • Intershala.com
  • Linkedin.com
  • Indeed.com
  • Glassdoor.com

How to become a good intern in graphic design?

After getting answers to all of the above questions the next questions obvious coming to your mind is how to become a good intern?

I am also from the graphic design field. I am in this field for more than 12 years. When I am starting my journey as an intern in a company I found that I have lack of knowledge.

Like many others, I completed a course in graphic design. But when I come to a practical field I found I don’t know many things.

But I am very fortunate that I got help from my seniors and learn lots of things. At least the company which provided me an internships was happy with my performance and offered me the job.

From my point of view, I learn how to become a good intern in graphic design and share it with you.

Be a professional attitude:

This is internships is merely a job. There is a specific time, specific task and at the end of the month a stipend you will receive. You are serious about your career and love graphic design, make some good habits from the beginning of the day.

  1. Be Punctual: Be very punctual. Don’t absent from the internships in a single day. In addition to that, you are now ‘working from home’ in this COVID situation. So taking leave without any solid reason is a bad practice. 
  2. Be Polite and Cordial: Remember you are the junior most in your team and the main aim of this internships is ‘Learning’. Be very polite and cordial with your teammate and seniors. Make a healthy relationship with others. 
  3. Research Yourself: When you assign any job, read the requirements carefully. It is accepted you may not understand all the details about the requirements. Search on the internet. Search the terminology or related type of images. 

For example, if you are assigned to create a logo for a medical store. Perhaps you have no idea about it. Assume you know the name of the business and you know the color preference for this. Now search on good about ‘medicine shop logo’. If you are confused about color…search google for ‘color wheels’. In the online color wheels just put the preferred color, the wheel will suggest the related color for this.

4. Be Patience: In many cases, you will not deliver the exact thing by help of Google or Other information. So first of all create a sample as per your understanding then wait for your seniors. When they feel free sent your sample.

If they do not like that, make another one. Again if they not like this one also and they decide to create this on their own, wait for their work completion. Be online. After some time ask them about the progress and if they make this already ask for the sample with the source file. Don’t give up the job. In the first few months, you may not deliver the right product and your senior may not satisfy with you.

But wait patiently. Be on time. Wait until the job is successfully ended.

5. Discuss with your seniors: After few months of this internships when you and your’s seniors accept you mentally ask them about your progress. If they are honest they will give you the right assessment. Also, discuss with them about any previous job done by you especially for those jobs where you do not get success. If you are getting good seniors or team you will be very fortunate. 

What should I learn from a graphic design internships?

After successful completion of the internships, you will learn many things. They are:

  1. Mindset: Your mind is ready for accepting a regular day-to-day professional job. Those who join in a company after a course compared to them you are foremost advanced from them.
  2. Approach towards work: You are now totally professional about your approach to a job. You know what is a project document, how to create a project folder, how to keep all the related files like project requirements doc sheet, project changes doc sheet, the graphic sent by a client, PSD creation by you, a modified version of PSD, etc…
  3. Be a part of a team: After the internships, you know how to mix with a team. Every team has a different type of person, some are approachable and some not, some are friendly nature and vice versa. After a successful internships, you know the skill of how to mix up with a team and get the job.
  4. Using software: The more project you handle the more you learn the software. When you are in an internships you see lots of new tools or techniques that are untouchable till now. May you are using Photoshop but for a project requirement, you learn new blending options from Photoshop. 
  5. A total overview: In the internships, you will get a complete overview of what is graphic design, what factors are considering when creating a graphic layout, how to deliver this to a client.

Can you join a job in the same company from where you completed the internships? 

Most of the companies offer a job to intern candidates. Because they know you, they can trust you and taking intern is another way for job recruitment. Now the question arises will you join the same company for a job or not. 

In most cases, companies are providing less salary to intern become staff candidates. If you like this environment and find that your learning process continues then accept the offer. 

After 1-2 years leave this company goes for any betterment. 

Because the changing company does not only increase your salary but also increase your experience. But don’t change the companies 2 or 3 times in a year. This is not good for your career prospects.

Small Company or Big Company which one is best for an internships?

I prefer a small company. Because big companies have different departments like layout design, social media department and so on. 

So considering the thing learning small companies have various options for learning. They are generally dealing with less staff. For the job pressure, you have to learn every aspect. From cutting the image, removing the background of images, logo design, banner design, full-length website design, and so on. If you want to learn stay at any small company for 1-2 years and learn learn learn. From the stipend perspective, a big company is also well paid comparing to a small company.

Now Conclusion: I conveying almost every single aspect of a graphic design internships. If you think tell me any additional in the comment box. A successful graphic design internships lead by patience, creativity, learning.

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