Best Guide for Start a Career in Freelance Graphic Design in 2021

Freelancing is one of the lucrative incomes from home. In present days more than 15 million are present in the market. Now in this article, I will guide you on how you can start a freelance graphic design by following some easy ways.

Before moving forward to any freelancing platforms it is obvious that you have some saleable skill sets. As I can remember, when I started my journey 13 years back, as a full-time web designer, I didn’t know anything about freelancing.

After working for 1 or 2 years when my works get praised and I become a little bit knowledgeable about the graphic design industry then I know what freelancing is. After a few days, I joined freelancing platforms like Elance which is now merged with Odesk and presently known as Upwork.

I also remember that after months I earned a handsome amount of money from freelancing platforms which was very close to my present salary. 

Based on these 13 years of experience I can tell you some easy steps to establish a successful freelance graphic design career.

Identify Your Skill Set:

Before moving forward with any freelancing platforms it is very much necessary to establish your skillset. Because creating an account on a freelancing website is not a big deal. But the main point is that you have some professional output to satisfy your clients.

As you can see in my case I worked for 1 year in a graphic design company, accrued the skill then started freelancing. So it is undoubtedly said you have a fair knowledge of graphic design.

In graphic design, the world identifies the design which is best delivered by you. Remember which type of design is mostly praised in your office by your colleagues or boss.

Create Some Sample Work:

If you are working in any company and you have lots of design samples then you have a plus. The plus is that you have experience. But when it comes to freelancing it is necessary to show your sample to your client to convince them.

But you have not shared those samples which are produced on behalf of your company. Because the organization is paying for this sample. This is their property. 

You have to create a separate design sample for your freelancing. 

Many freelancing websites announce design competitions. These types of competitions help you to practice the freelancing skill and you will see the level of design they will get.

Create a Professional Profile:

Creating a professional profile is obvious in freelancing platforms. But here is another problem. 

If you are working in any organization then there may be a restriction to create a profile by using your name and your picture.

In that case, you may create a brand and promote your brand through online platforms. 

Here are the tips for creating a professional profile:

  1. Create a separate Gmail ID: Don’t mix up all emails in a single email id. Create a separate email id like or something similar like that. Use this email id for freelancing purposes only.
  2. Take a separate Phone No: Take a separate phone number for your freelancing purpose. At the time of the creation of a profile, many websites ask for a phone number. Use this one. If possible take a separate handset for this phone number. 
  3. Create a Logo: Create a logo for your brand. A logo is a perfect representation of your brand. Use it in a freelancing profile.
  4. Create a Website: Create a service-based website where you can mention the list of services you provided. 

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Promote Your Freelance Graphic Design Profile:

Now you have successfully created a freelancing profile and start your journey in freelance graphic design. 

Now you want to see your freelancing profile. You must promote your profile on online platforms.

Here are the tips for promoting your freelance profile:

  1. Share your profile: Share your freelancing profile on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin. 
  2. Create a Facebook Page: Based on your brand, create a Facebook page. Share valuable information and promotions offered on your page to attract the audience.
  3. Listed in Google My Business: Listed your brand in Google My Business. It is a free platform offered by Google. 
  4. Be active on Quora & Reddit: Quora and Reddit are famous question-answer websites. Create your brand profile on those sites and help people by answering their questions regarding the same niche.

Choose the Freelance Work Wisely

When you are approaching freelancing work, choose the freelancing work wisely. 

Because there are various types of work available in the freelance marketplace like Fiverr, Upwork, and many other freelancing websites. So among this choice, the perfect work depends on your skillset.

In the beginning, it is advisable to choose low-budget work. Then after the client gets satisfied, collect a good review from them. This way you can build your reputation. 

Also if you work in a company and also do freelancing keep a perfect balance between job and freelancing. Job providing you day to day bread and butter, freelancing is just the beginning. So a perfect balance is necessary.

Make a worksheet for freelance graphic design work. Make every single detail like project start date, project end date, project requirements, etc.. listed in this worksheet. It will help you to sustain yourself in the freelancing field. 

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Create a Team of Freelancer

Creating a team of freelancers has added some extra edge in freelancing. If you are a graphic designer collaborate with some web developer freelancer. In this way, if you successfully create this team you can take on a big volume of projects. This way your company or brand will grow up and it will help you to get more and more freelancing projects. 

Conclusion: Today in every day lots of people join freelancing platforms and freelancing becomes more challenging. Only creating a freelancing profile on a freelancing website is not worthy. Site by site making various types of online promotions is necessary. 

If you want you can learn SEO to promote your freelancing profile. So promotion, bidding, and daily activity are the overall process to getting some clients. I hope if you follow the above steps you can start your career in freelance graphic design. 

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