If you want to start your career as a graphic designer then go through this blog. In this blog, I will tell you some best resources source which can help you a lot to learn graphic design & start your career in graphic design.

Now the question arises in your mind that who can join in a graphic design job?

There are no such academic barriers to joining a graphic design job. But the main thing is that you have some creativity. Otherwise, you will not get such high as you deserved.

How you can know that you have any creativity or not? Just remember the past…how good you are at drawing in your school days. Do you have ever join in any drawing school and got praised by your teacher for your drawing? 

Before moving forward in any industry you have to clearly understand yourself. You should aware of your qualities and strength. You are the best judge for yourself. You can tell you have any creativity inside or not. 

Maybe you have no creativity in design rather you have lots of creativity involved in content writing or whatever else.

If you still not sure whether creativity present inside you or not. Go through the steps mention in this article and feel how much these steps are influenced you or not.

What are the career prospects of graphic design?

In one word the prospects are HUGE. You can get jobs as a layout designer, logo designer, UI designer, apps designer, a game designer in various companies. If you have such kind of talent the money is not a constraint for you. 

For the starting, you may earn 28,300 USD and 97,700 USD as the highest-earning. Apart from this, you may start freelancing or establish your brand and earn a handsome amount of money each month. 

Compared to the TIer 3 countries like India you may not earn as high as Tier 1 country but freelancing or business opportunity is still open here also.

Now coming to the resources there are online as well as offline resources are still available.

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Online Resources for learning graphic design

There is plenty of website offering free courses of graphic design.

Now if you want to learn systematically then follow these steps:

  1. Learn Adobe Photoshop
  2. Adobe Illustrator

These are the very basic software for a graphic designer. 

Photoshop is a design based software can help you to create various kind of web-related or desktop related design.

Illustrator helps you to create vector graphics. You can also generate .svg type files with this software. Vector graphics is a kind of graphics that can easily adjust with different resolutions. SVG (Scalable vector graphics) is also a part of the vector graphics family but takes a big role in animation and interactivity media. 

Some remarkable good course offer by udemy in graphic designs are:

Adobe Photoshop CC – Essentials Training Course

udemy course eyeopenstory
Udemy Course for Graphic Design

One of the best courses offered by udemy by Daniel Walter Scott. He is an Adobe certified instructor. The course price is very affordable and the course contains 11 hours of demand video. The course also offers 65 downable resources including full lifetime access. After completing the candidate will get a certification for completion.

The course rating is 4.8 out of 5 and 74,602 students successfully enrolled with is course.

His course is also available in skillshare. 

Adobe Illustrator CC – Essentials Training Course

udemy course illustrator eyeopenstory
Udemy course for Illustrator

If you want to learn graphic design, logo design, and many more things with vector graphics then this course is the best. Like above the rating of this course is 4.8 out of 5. The other course features are 9.5 hours of on-demand video, full lifetime access, 2 articles, 4 downloadable resources.

16,344 students are already enrolled in this course.

There are tons of other courses offered by the above mention sites. Go and check this out.

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Read Graphic Design Blogs

There are many blogs present in the world of the internet producing quality content about graphic design. 

Smashing Magazine

smashing magazine eye open story
Smashing Magazine

This is one of leading website produce e-book and editorial content related to web design and web development. They are providing tons of quality articles for web design as well as graphic design also. Go through their design category and you will find various sub-topics related to Web Design, Graphic Design, Responsive Design, UX, UI, Typography, Design Principles, Design Patterns, Branding, Best Practices, Inspiration.


99 Designs

This is one of the largest graphics design marketplaces. Apart from the graphic design project, they deliver quality content regarding graphic design. Go through the learning design category where you can find lots of interesting and latest information about graphic design. Consume their blog side by side creates an account to see the quality of design of the world-class designer.

Follow Youtube Channels

If you love to watch a video then you can learn from Youtube also. Some good channels produce quality videos related to graphic design.

Envato Tuts+

The popular Envato theme is on youtube. In this channel, you will learn how-to tutorials and video courses. This channel has 547k subscribers. You can learn from the master of web design and lots of important things to become a successful graphic designer. 


She is a product designer from Toronto. She is sharing her knowledge and experience being a designer. Her videos cover UX design to prototyping and product design. She is on Youtube since 2015 and the total subscriber as of that date is 34.4 k.

Graphic Design Free Templates

You can also download some free PSD or photoshop templates and check layer by layer what they are doing with this. If you blindly try to duplicate this type of design layout you must learn something. Here is the name of the sites offer free template for download:


freepik psd download

You can download the free PSD or photoshop templates from this website. Just launch the site and search for graphic design. Set the search filter-free and PSD. After downloading open the PSD files. Sometimes it required a higher version of photoshop. Also, read the license agreements and don’t use them for any commercial use. 

But the layer and other things present in PSD give you a full understanding of what is professional PSD for graphic design and how you should remember when creating the same kind of things.

There are lots of other sites offering this kind of service.

Read Graphic Design ebook

There are lots of ebooks available on the internet relating to graphic design. Here are the lists:

  1. Design’s Iron Fist — Jarrod Drysdale 
  2. The Creative Aid Handbook — Kooroo Kooroo
  3. Designbetter.co — InVision
  4. The Freelancer’s Bible — Route One Print
  5. Type Classification – Just Creative

Listen to Graphic Design Podcast

Those podcasts are really good about graphic design. Go listen to this till the end:

  1. Being Freelance
  2. Arrest All Mimics
  3. Creative Pep Talk
  4. North V South
  5. Creative Play date

Learn Graphic Design by Books

Not only that you can also purchase books for graphic design. Here are the lists for graphic design:

  1. Typography Book: Just My Type
  2. Graphic Design Fundamentals: How To
  3. Graphic Design Book About Colors: Interaction Of Color
  4. Brand Design Book: Designing Brand Identity: An Essential Guide For The Whole Branding Team
  5. Book Full Of Inspiring Designers: Graphic Design Visionaries.

In Conclusion: These are the cost-effective way to learn graphic design. You can go through this and practice regularly for getting more knowledge and understanding about graphic design. If you know any other free sources then inform us. Also, write your comment about this blog.