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arindam ghosh
arindam ghosh

Hi! I am Arindam Ghosh, the founder of Eyeopenstory.

I have been experience in blogging for more than 3+ years.

I welcome you in this site to grab the knowledge best of my experience and feelings.

The idea behind creating this blog site is providing valuable information to my readers. In this modern age things are changing in day by day and readers are always looking for accurate information to solve their problem.

I brought this platform to solve my reader’s problem by sharing valuable information in form of blogging.

I believe that ‘content is king’. So keeping this idea I always try to deliver the best content and information to my reader.

At the beginning of my blogging journey I am deeply moved by following Mr. Kulwant Nagi, Mr Kirtish Vyas and many other pro blogger. Their content and video inspire me lot to create this type of blog.

Apart from this blog, I have a service website named ‘Bharati Technologies‘ where I deliver quality services to my clients. I also have another blog website in the digital marketing niche named ‘First Page Bulletin‘.

Before starting this blogging career I was an senior UI and UX designer in many renowned companies. So creating a website is not very tough for me.

My skills in blogging and digital marketing enhance my skill set and help me a lot establish myself as successful as an entrepreneur and digital marketing.

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